Clio adverts

Renault have always caused a stir with their television advertisements; In1994 came the extremely successful series of ‘Nicole and Papa’ ads featuring a series of exchanges between father and daughter. It’s unexpected success brought worldwide recognition for Renault. One motoring magazine survey of almost half a million drivers found that Renault had the most influential and memorable advertising of any car manufacturer.

Perhaps one of the most famous adverts for the Clio was the series starring French footballer Thierry Henry and the notion of ‘Va Va Voom.’  The original Va Va Voom ads made in 2004, struck such a chord with the public that the phrase entered the Oxford English Dictionary in, as ‘the quality of being exciting, vigorous and sexually attractive’. Va Va Voom even has it’s own page on Urban Dictionary!

After a break of 5 years Thierry is back along with burlesque star Dita Von Teese, Rihanna and other silver screen stars such as Marlon Brando in Renault’s latest advert for the Clio.


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