RenaultSport Clio 172 phase 1 (2001) 2 owners

I’m selling my cherished iceberg silver phase 1 as I have too many cars. As much as I love this little car and it has never put a foot wrong, I now have 5 cars and my wife has informed me that a strict ‘1 in 1 out’ policy is now in effect. I am the second owner of the clio and it is totally standard. Mechanical Mechanically there’s not much to say. The car is absolutely spot on. No problems whatsoever. No suspension noises, no crunching from the gearbox into any gear. Engine pulls perfectly, no smoke, no warning lights. Drives straight, brakes straight, handles great. Needs absolutely nothing doing imminently. Fresh MOT with over 12 months on it. Hop in and enjoy. It’s been driven with mechanical sympathy, maintained carefully by me personally and always warmed up fully before pushing on. I have never taken it on track, abused it, done burnouts or rushed gear changes. The first owner was a middle aged lady in Surrey. MOT until 16 Jan 2021 Exterior Bodily it’s also excellent but not immaculate. The bonnet has some stone chips etc. There are a few stone chips/paint flakes on the front bumper and a light scuff on the passenger side (paint not removed) and one fog light is cracked but still works. The rear bumper also has a few flecks of paint missing and some tiny scuffs on the side, again paint not removed. Some marks on the wing mirrors. The drivers side skirt has some scrapes and touching up under the drivers door. The rest of the paint work is excellent with only a few tiny dinks on the doors and rear quarters which dentmagic could probably remove very easily. I’m not a detailing nut but I keep it sensibly clean, decontaminated and wax protected. The paint is therefore all good, no laquer peel, crazing or swirl marks. The windscreen has a small chip however it’s smaller than a 5p and has gone through several MOTs, occasionally coming up as an advisory. The sills are free of any visible rust and otherwise undamaged as I always jack it up somewhere sensible, never on the sill lips. Nobody works on it other than me. No rust anywhere – arches both clear. On the inside behind the rear trim panels also. Photos available. The classic corrosion prone area under the fuel filler flap is clear – behind in the wheel well also clear. Correct Renault OZ F1s fitted, with nearly new Toyo T1-R tyres and all centre caps. The wheels have varying amounts of kerbing and would really benefit from a refurb. Interior Upholstery is again excellent – no rips, stains, splits or fag burns. I’ve replaced the drivers seat base foam recently so the bolsters are as firm as new, with just some surface wear to the leather. Steering wheel in really good condition. The usual deterioration of the soft touch coating on the silver door grabs. It’s never been smoked in during my ownership and again, the lady I bought it off wasn’t a smoker either. Photos show a sony head unit but the original head unit will be refitted for sale. I’ll leave the connects2 Sony/pioneer stalk adapter in place for the buyer if desired. CD changer present under the seat. Aircon re-gassed last year. 2 working keys. Nice. Maintenance I bought the car in 2013 at 52k miles, up to which point it has stamped history and after which I have done all servicing and maintenance myself. Yes, I know what I’m doing. It’s now on 87k, with a large proportion of my miles being motorway commuting miles. In my ownership it has been run on Fuchs Titan Supersyn oil and genuine Renault filters, changed at an 8-10k interval (book interval is 12k). Type D coolant change every 2nd service. Done about 10k since last service so if I was keeping it I’d be doing it around now. In my ownership, in addition to routine servicing I have replaced as required: New balljoints and track rod ends (Lemforder) + trackingNew front dampers (genuine Renault)New top mount bearingsNew front discs (genuine Renault)New front pads (Brembo)New rear discs (genuine Renault)New rear pads (Brembo)New exhaust back box (genuine Renault)New exhaust centre section (after market as I couldn’t easily get hold of a genuine part at the time)New washer pumpNew reg plates front and rear (still have originals) In January 2017 at 81k miles I did the major belt service including:Cambelt full kitAux belt full kitDephaserCoolant pumpFlush & refill with Type D coolantSpark plugsAir filterCabin filter All genuine Renault parts bought from Renault parts direct. Yes, I have all the correct genuine Renault timing tools and again, yes I know what I’m doing. One minor defect on the MOT: Repair as soon as possible (minor defects): “Nearside Steering rack gaiter damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (i))” – The first time this advisory appeared I bought the part and went to replace it but found that it’s just a little surface perished, not holed, so as it’s a pain and ideally I’d need to get the tracking done again, I didn’t swap it over. I’ve kept an eye on it and it’s not got any worse since. The new gaiter is in the glove box when you need it. Located in Clevedon, Somerset (minutes from M5 J20). Any inspection welcome and if you bring proof of insurance you can drive it no problem. I work in Emersons Green, North Bristol so if you want to meet me there on a weekday, that’s possible by arrangement. There are a load more photos showing underside, sills, mechanical bits and corrosion-prone areas at: Sorry that’s a bit of an essay but I get tired of looking to buy cars myself and having only a couple of sentences to go on. I’ve been totally warts-and-all honest and think I’ve covered everything but any questions or if you want photos of anything specific please ask!

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