renault clio 182 full fat cup make track car

I’m gutted to be writing this but after having a big job pull out I was relying on for something else needs must, these are bound to rise as so many are getting tracked and stripped. It’s a full fat model with cruise control, air con etc. It’s black gold and really looks smart there’s a few little marks but nothing major at all, inside the seats are all good and no rips or anything (I’ll get pictures added) just the steering whee has the usual worn thumb in parts and the gearknob and gaiter a bit worn. It’s on 92,000 miles and has had the belt done just over a year ago it runs spot on although has a decat so the engine light is on, it has a yozza exhaust and it is loud!! To loud for me driving on the motorway but it’s not so bad at low speed I have a scorpion exhaust I’d brought to try quieting it you can have. Have an abs sensor that needs fitting too as the light is on. Just brought a set of 3D plates I’ll give the buyer I cannot find the proof of the cambelt and dephayser so if the car is gone and paid for before the 31st make an offer

This Clio is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £1800.00, this Clio may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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