Renault Clio 182 Cup Racing Blue Track car

2004 Clio 182 Cup in Racing Blue Here we have my 182 Cup I bought the car completely standard back in Jan 2017 It’s been used on a hand full of track days and spent much of the year and a half I’ve owned it sat doing nothing unfortunately due to work. Car has done 115k and MOT is due July 2019. Engine & Gearbox – Replacement engine a year ago from a donor that had done 93k, with proof dephaser, aux tensioner and belts were done in 2016. – Gearbox replaced from the same car, the original gearbox suffered badly on the last track day I did, so I replaced it with the box I got with the engine. – New LUK clutch was replaced at the same time, with genuine Renault gearbox oil. – Full oil service including spark plugs done and Motul RBF 660 brake fluid. – KTR induction kit – Milltek cat back system with decat – Polybushed engine mount, gearbox dog bone and rear exhaust mounts. Wheels, suspension and brakes – Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15x7j ET40 in Black, with 195/50/15 Yokohama AD08 tyres. – Eibach Sportline springs all round with cup shocks – Whiteline rear anti roll bar – Front camber bolts – Rear camber hub plates ( 1.5 degrees ) – Front: Brembo HC discs with Carbon Lorraine RC5+ pads – Rear: genuine Renault rear discs with Brembo pads. – HEL braided lines all round Interior & exterior – OMP steering wheel – Aftermarket gearknob – Fully stripped out rear – Rear wiper removed – Front and rear towing hook/strap – Fog lights removed for ducts. I bought the car because I loved the blue, as it really is a lovely looking little car. The car had so many hidden problems and I spent so much getting things sorted. It’s had sensors, wheel bearings, power steering pipes, alternator , a replacement engine and gearbox… and probably various other things I’ve forgotten! I’ve turned this car into something much more reliable that it previously was! The only things you could say was wrong with it is that there there is a fault with one of the ABS sensors, as after 10 seconds of driving the light pops on the dash, this hasn’t bothered me as I don’t like ABS or traction control, and both are disabled when the light appears! And the ‘ Serv ‘ light is on because the air con pipes and condenser have been removed and I didn’t keep the sensor plugged in! There’s minor marks on the car as to be expected for the age of it. It’s a lovely car and very capable on track I’m not interested in any swaps, as it’ll just be another car that sits next to my M3 during the week whilst I’m working away! Ha I’m unsure how to price it, as there’s plenty of these for sale similar spec, but this one is definitely a more sort after colour than say Silver… Lots of interest in the car so far but nobody has come to view, first that does will buy this cracking little car. Call or text on 07833970355

This Clio 182 Cup at the time of listing was £2400.00, it may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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