Renault Clio 182

FOR SALE 2004 CLIO 182 97,000 milesSo I bought this car in March with the intentions of turning it into a track day car ended up spending a load of money on getting the car perfect only to have done one track day in the rain at brands hatch. Car is in really good condition with no problems. Do have the standard steering wheel that will come with it. Has brand new Ad08r tyres on the front which have literally done 150miles and pilot sport 3 on the back. Just passed MOT last week so will come with a full year. Belts and depasher been done 2k miles ago Probably missed some stuff out but anything you want to know just gimme a message. Price is £2500Kent, Bexleyheath

This Clio is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £2500.00, this Clio may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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