Renault Clio 172 ClioSport NOT Cup or Trackcar – Long MOT

£1000 spent in 2015! Lots of history!

Clio 172 MOT Until March 2016 In regular use, drives very well. Offers accepted, if you make an offer in person it will be “put through” eBay.Advertised elsewhere and could be withdrawn at any point. This is the sale of my little 172 – I’ll be sad to see this car go but as I’m looking to purchase a house and this is the third car in the household it unfortunately is time to wave goodbye to this little French hooligan. This is a 2002 so not a ‘Cup’ model, just a standard 172 ph2. It would happily be turned in to a track car, or just use it, as I have done as a bit of fun on the roads!Good points: Strong engine, gearbox, brakes and clutch. Pulls well in every gear.It’s never given me any reliability issues and has always started!Generally clean inside, unmolested interior, few age related wear marks as you’d expect.Last MOT passed with one single advisory (see below) now dealt with.Headlamps were restored a few months ago and look a lot better than most of the cloudy ones about!For the last MOT the front bushing was replaced along with the trackrod ends and ARB bushes, the car was then treated to a ‘four wheel whizz-bang’ computer alignment.All four tyres have plenty of tread, as does the spare alloy wheel.Previous owner spent £800 on renewal of brake friction and hydraulics (with receipt in my possession) in January 2015, I’ve spent £200 on front bushings, ABS rings and service.Oil and filter change 30/05/2015, lots of paperwork and a fair bit of recent history.V5 in my name. Features:- ABS/Airbags/Traction Control/Shift-light (YEAH BOY!)- CD Changer (works!) and OE stereo with steering wheel controls- Power-steering- Hilariously installed induction kit (previous owner, I can’t claim this as one of mine!)- Automatic xenon headlamps and wipers, both of which work.- Handbook, stereo handbook with code, you’ll probably find one of my weird Marillion CDs in the car somewhere.- Probably somewhere in the region of a third of a tank of V-Power Petrol. Not so good points:- A/C Doesn’t work, good luck finding one of these with functioning A/C, I believe the condenser is knackered and it’d probably be better to loose the weight of the system than try to fix it.- The alloys are in various states of repair, all would benefit from a refurb,- The rear exhaust hanger is reaching the end of its life, the exhaust does rattle and bang around a bit over bumps, this is easily and cheaply fixed.- The body has various battle-scars, I’ve photographed these as best I can in the interests of honesty, if you’re handy with a spray can you could fix these or maybe they’d polish out with a machine? Nothing is horrendous though or would require panel replacements, these are general parking scuffs and scrapes. It comes with three cans of colour-matched spray paint!- The centre cap screws are missing for the front wheels, I have the caps so just the screws need replacing.- Has an oil leak, I’ve been told this is the rocker cover gasket by my mechanic, it leaks about an egg-cup full a week on to my driveway, I’ve been told all 172’s leak a bit of oil anyway and this is the nature of them.- Had an MOT advisory on a slighty corroded sill, this was a ‘jacking injury’ where the jack has worn away the undersealing and just requires a dab of underseal.- Only one key (which works fine). How this works: I’d really, really, really much prefer that you came to view the car before making offers/bids, I can’t enforce this but I’ve had my fingers seriously burned in the past by viewers bidding up my cars then not turning up or finding an excuse to haggle on arrival to collect (please don’t realise you’ll need to fly down to collect the car, or avoid offers if ‘Great Aunty Edna’ is circling the drain). Not this time. I’ve tried to be as honest as I can be about the car, I’ve got an idea of what it’s realistically worth and I’m in no particular rush to sell it – if I like your offer then you’ll need to collect within THREE days.Payment will either be by cash (and you’ll need to meet with me at my bank branch with is 90 seconds from my house) OR by bank transfer (preferred). Test drives are most welcome and encouraged, providing you are insured to do so, if you have no insurance to drive the car I’ll happily take you for a drive in it.The car due to age, mileage and condition is “Sold as Seen” with no warranty inferred or implied, by making an offer you have accepted the car ‘as is’, you will sign a receipt on collection to this effect. Please contact me on 01525 838205 or email or message me on here for any questions! 50% deposit within 24 hours please!

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