clio 182

clio 182 twin cup pack. carbon fibre wrapped fog light surrounds carbon fibre wrapped cup spoiler carbon wrapped rear bumper insert full miltek stainless steel cat back exhaust miltek stainless decat fitted along with exhaust at a proffesional garage modified air box and panel filter to let car get better air flow into engine lowered on springs to give a better stance to compliment the cup suspension pack remapped to give an extra 10-15 bhp fully tinted windows all round colour matched engine cover to match the car powder coated alloys in gloss black new exterior door bullets painted gloss to match the windows and alloy wheels which sets off the colour of the car brilliantly. i have owned the car for about nine months and has to be one of the best fun cars ive owned. the performance and handling due to the cup pack and the remapping of the car really do make the car come alive, those of you that have owned one of these know what they are capable of in standard form alone. I have been meaning to sell for the last few months but every time i drive it i cant bring myself to let it go because of the grin factor alone it gives me. The miltek system and decat give the car a lovely exhaust note on lower revs but the higher the rev range the more it comes alive and does make people turn and look when they hear it. As u will see from the pictures the black wheels and door bullets look stunning against the lovely blue paint.I had the front bumper all respayed last year because of stone chips and it was letting the rest of the car down but now it looks stunning. if u would like to know more or ask any questions about the car please contact me either through ebay or this number 07837676004. 250 pound deposit required through paypal and the remaining balance in cash on collection. thanks. i am open to offers but only sensible ones as i know what these are worth in the condition this one is in.

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