Clio 172 cup sport 182

For SALE. Clio 172 Cup So I have had to make a tough decision, unfortunately my insurance company don’t want to give me a renewal for this year so it means I have to get rid of the Clio and get something cheaper to insure. I bought the Clio back in March 2019 and since then I have carried out a fair amount of work. Including – Gearbox (was one 81k when fitted) New Valeo clutchNew gearbox mount (upper)New solid evo engineering dog boneNew engine mount (OEM) New exhaust mount (centre) New coil packNew front top mountsNew OEM oil filterNew inlet manifold gasketFresh ELF oil Fresh gearbox oilPressed plates New AUX beltNew re trimmed steering wheel (not fitted) I have photos of all of the above being fitted and I most likely can get all of the receipts for the parts mentioned above. So to get into the car its self, to drive it’s fantastic. It is lowered on 40mm spring and the ride is firm but forgiving. The solid dog bone mount dose make the cabin a little “vibrating” but I could happily live with it as a daily. Being a 52 plate car it does have some age related marks the reflects this, however overall really clean car. There is a tiny amount of bubbling on the front of the bonnet (O/S). The wheels definitely need a refurb and it was on my list to do but I haven’t got around to doing them. All 4 tyres are pretty much on the boarder line of being legal also (would advise to replace soon). The engine and gearbox is strong and has no strange noises. I have inspected the belt as it was done at 98k (sticker under bonnet) from inspection it seems to be all in good shape without no cracks or perishing. The interior is “presentable” however does suffer from the typical Clio sticky window buttons and centre console. The car has got a aftermarket radio fitted with a CD player. The drivers seat has some ware too it and the back seat has a tiny hole in it. The car is on just over 123k however the drive doesn’t reflect this! When I had the gearbox out with subframe I decided to paint the subframe and subframe mounts to give it an extra layer of protection. I have tried to describe the car to the best of my ability with a honest description. Personally I don’t want to get rid of the car as it’s great daily and weekend car. MOT until 23rd Jan 2020. Located in Bristol – I will get more photos of the car on request.

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